La maison de Tonino

A place of welcome and sharing for all ages

Our Story :

Passionate about people and renovation, Sandrine and Christian decided to breathe life back into this stone-clad barn constructed around 1917. The last occupant was an Italian engineer called TONINO, inspired by historic monuments in Rome, who came to restore churches in the Ariège up until 2011.

Today, the aim is to offer and share a magical place; imparting knowledge, expertise and social skills.

This is a warm and welcoming home to meet and enrich peoples’ lives. With our participants’ skills to guide you, you are invited to come and create, laugh, sing, dance, give, receive, listen, take care of yourself and those around you. In short, this is a true little paradise for young and old!

Our classes :

- Sharing know-how and the wisdom of our elders…

- Body percussion for children from 3 to 5 years and 6 to 13 years,

- Workshops for breathing and posture led by an osteopath,

- Light gym classes – Qi-Gong and kototama,

- Yoga – Guided Meditation

- Creating elixirs of flowers of Bach

- Raw and vegan cooking workshops

- Musical awakening classes for children

- Musical workshops

- Talking groups for men and women

- Concerts

Driven by the Wellbeing, Sharing and Heritage Association…